Company "Estetika"

Company "Estetika" since 2000 specializes on using modern information technology in the field of programming, Internet systems and computer design.

The Main trends of the developments:

Software Development:

Software for automation furniture production and salon to furniture
Development of the graphic systems with use 3D-graphs
Software for financial analysis and management
Database and electronic catalogues to product

Development multimedia project and facilities for presentation enterprise, product, services:

"Virtual exhibitions" CD-ROM
Electronic morning coats on mini compact disk
Programme products for presentation on compact disk

The Development Internet project:

  • Development WEB-site
  • Development Internet-shop

Used technologies and programming languages:

Programming languages: MS Visual C++, Borland С++ Builder , Borland Delphi, JavaScript, Action Script, PHP, HTML\DHTML, CSS;
Programme systems: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver;
Database: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, InterBase, MySQL;
Technologies : ASP, ASP.NET, COM, DCOM, XML;
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP.