DS 3D Interior 5.0


After repairs in the apartment, ideas or simply desires to change the furniture placement, we often choose from several variants. In some cases, these variants are drawn on the paper. But if you want to see immediately, as will look your bedroom, drawing room or kitchen, that better uses for this computer with special program. Moreover, this must be not CAD, with difficult control. There are applications for modeling of the interior, available people with nearly any level of the computer knowledge. You input only sizes of furniture and rooms, and can begin to design your interior. You can experiments with encirclement and illumination, and immediately see the result. The "DS 3D Interior 5.0" is a program of a similar class. It can model any environment, from a choice of colors of a floor, overlapping and walls, and finishing flowers in pots and pictures on walls. From the user it is required to choose the necessary three-dimensional objects in special folders ("Kitchen", "Office", "Bedroom", "Drawing room") and drag to the main window of the program. The objects possible to change, in the form and size, and unite in group. You can use not only furniture but also window, blocks of the doors and balcony.
The program allows add to project text and set the sizes. If in the catalogue there is no necessary model, you can create its. The program comprises the universal editor of curves by means of whom you can develop own furniture. Ready projects can be rendering with photo quality and are saving on hard disk. The user can familiarize with ready examples of projects created in "DS 3D Interior 5.0", and their images in format BMP. Thus, you can easily seize all functional tools for creation of an interior, even no possessing of the professional knowledge.

The Particularities of the product:
* Building plan to any desksides with exact adjusting the sizes
* Free transformation object, displacement on axis’s - arbitrarily and on given distance
* Curve editor - an exact building curvilinear and square-wave forms for making interior design and furniture
* Catalogues 3D-object and material with possibility of their editing and expansions
* Designing doors, windows and balcony blocks
* Making the light of miscellaneous configuration
* Print the scenes of the interior and plan

* Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
* Pentium® 1 GHz
* RAM 256 Mb
* 650 Mb free space
* SVGA 128 Mb 1024х768
* DirectX® 8.0 * 2x CD-ROM drive