DS 3D Furniture Construction


ESTETIKA Company presents program for designing objects of cabinet furniture of any level complexity. Program is simple in exploration and using.

“DS 3D Constructor 1.0” opens up enriched functional capabilities of designing 3D-objects. Program comprises all necessary tools of designing and imaging creative ideas both for profeccional constructors and for those who wishes to create objects of cabinet furniture themselves.

With program “DS 3D Constructor 1.0”
You can quickly create object of cabinet furniture of any level complexity. Program is allow designing furniture simply and quickly, save it in the program catalogue, export or importing objects and catalogues, create photorealistic images of objects and print it.

“DS 3D Constructor 1.0” – is simple realization of Your ideas!

Functional capabilities of program “DS 3D Constructor 1.0”:

Tools designing:
  • Exact building curvilinear and squared shapes for designing 3D-objects
  • Grouping objects to groups with multilevel nesting.
  • Free transformation objects, displacement on axes (arbitrarily and on defined distance)
  • Tool of parametric designing “Master-Shelve”
  • Integration of curvilinear panels to parametric objects
  • Tool of parametric designing of frame fronts
  • Tool of creation of parametric drawing primitives (sphere, cylinder, parallelepiped, etc.)
  • And many other functions…
  • Making and editing catalogue of objects and materials
  • Furniture catalogue with possibility of making and editing
  • Import and export of objects in format .3DS
  • Export of objects catalogues to program "DS 3D Interior 5.0"
  • Creating realistic image with photo quality (или Creating photorealistic image)
The program at the expense of the visualization and dynamism transforms designing process into fascinating game!


  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium® 1 GHz
  • RAM 256 Mb
  • 650 Mb free space
  • SVGA 128 Mb 1024х768
  • DirectX® 8.0
  • 2x CD-ROM drive