Rendering Application — Photorealistica

Rendering Application — Photorealistica

Library is developed for creating photo realistic images of 3D-model/assembly for any CAD systems. Rendering library allows creating effective images of the produce to use them in presentations and advertising. Interactive rendering mode allows previewing of 3D-model with textures, applied in the scene


—Wide set of materials is included (different types of metals, woods, stones, plastics etc)
—Adjustment of material properties, such as color, reflection level, transparency, glossiness and texture.
—Ability to specify materials for assemblies, parts, operations and surfaces.
—Materials, scenes and lightening preview is realized for decreasing time of making photo realistic image.

Lights and shadows

—Creating omni lights, spot lights, point lights and distant lights.
—Simple shadow managing, taking into account transparency of objects.
—Setting and adjustment of any light’s color and strength.


—Creating background for better displaying of parts and assemblies.
—Adding wide range of decorations and saving them to 3D-models file.
—Viewing of previously created scenes including lights, background and decorations.
—Standard scene selecting for quick creating of quality image.
—Background import from JPEG, TARGA, TIFF, BMP.

Text and labels

—Creating user’s labels and texts for product.
—Text size, position and transparency adjustment
—Ability to add a number of labels and texts to models part, element or face.

Photorealistic image

Image displays in separate window of the library
Image can be saved to standard (JPEG, TARGA, TIFF, and BMP) format with required resolution.